Saturday, August 10, 2013

Liberal firebrand Wilson Tuckey spills the beans on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ... - Herald Sun

Yasmine Phillips chats with former Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey and asks who will wake up PM on September 8.

Liberal firebrand Wilson Tuckey sits down with reporter Yasmine Phillips for our first 'Spill the Beans' conversation. Picture: Daniel Wilkins Source: PerthNow

KEVIN Rudd is "grossly unreliable, unpredictable and not very smart".

And "without doubt" money is the most important election issue.

To kick-off The Sunday Times and PerthNow election series Spill the Beans - in which colourful characters are interviewed on a beanbag - former Liberal firebrand Wilson Tuckey is a feisty first-up guest.

He is one of the most colourful politicians in WA's history and the state's longest-serving federal Liberal MP.

The always-unpredictable Mr Tuckey, who held the country WA seat of O'Connor for three decades before losing to the Nationals' Tony Crook in 2010, said the issue that will decide the poll was economic security.

"Without doubt  money," he said. "Money that has disappeared, money that has been borrowed against our grandkids and how a manager will come about and fix it. I saw many elections, I've participated in about 30 of them, and I've never seen one where the Government stands up through its leader and says 'Look we mucked everything up but we think we're the only people qualified to fix it'. That's the issue. It's a mess and fixing it up will be hard work, but it's the history of the Liberal Party  fixing up Labor's problems."

Mr Tuckey said Mr Rudd was "not smart and he believes his own fibs", while Tony Abbott was "reliable and stable  and that's what is needed at this present time".

He said former Queensland premier Peter Beattie, Labor's new star candidate in the federal seat of Forde, deserved the "Bag of the Week" for "believing that he can resurrect in Queensland".

"You just couldn't believe (it) after all the promises he has made, and what's more the mess that he left in the Queensland Government and dumped on poor old Anna Bligh," he said.

"But it seems to be their habit now  to bring back these people who messed things up as a premier and it's the same in both instances. But the whole thing about it is that the history of 'star turns' coming from state Parliament to the big house is that none of them have ever been any good and most of them put their tails between their legs and leave."

Stay tuned for more unexpected guests on Spill the Beans.
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